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About Angel of Light, Faith and Crown

The Angels are the inhabitants of the sky, as the people are the inhabitants of the Earth. Some of them are Angels of Light and others are Angels of Light having material body, on Earth.

Depending of their role, the Angels are divided in different categories: Angels guarding people, Angels of Goodness, Angels of Justice, Angels guarding in the air, Angels protecting the animals,
Angels protecting the earth and vegetation, etc.

All Angels, who have the task to lead a country, are under the orders given by Angel of Light, Faith and Crown.
Moreover, each country has got, by divine order, a Serafim and a Heruvim.

The Angel keeps the life’s book of each man and helps the faithful human being.

The Angels are creatures of light, who fulfill the divine order and who make justice on earth in the Christian War called Sifting – the third World War, which will last till the year 2046.

Also, this Angel has unlimited powers, but respecting always the divine program.

The Angel of Light, Faith and Crown controls the attributions of all Angels who are designed for supervision, protection and assistance of a country.

By his help, it is possible to establish a connection with the unseen world of the entire universe.

The Angels are creatures of light who can not any more to enter a body and, their weight can not be weigh, also, their height can not be measured, because these are not constant.

The Angels can communicate with GOD, with JESUS, with Serafims, Heruvims, with spirits, with souls and with human beings.

The Angel of Light, Faith and Crown has an unlimited divine and earthly power. HE can neutralize or amplify the gravitational power, can remove an object under the power of gravitation, indifferent of the dimension and weight of the object and, can send it where GOD desires (for example: can lift up entire blocks and move them to another place).

The Angels work on two arms, of time and space, having the greatest powers.

These are only some information, which people should know about this wonderful and unmeasured “World” of Angels.

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