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After living in wealth and prosperity, Georgeta Florea – today 70 years old (widow), decided to sell all she got and she used all her fortune for restoration of a church, almost from its foundation, in the native village, Amarastii de Sus, Dolj County.
So, she lost everything for this impressive donation, but she gained a wonder. Having nothing, the pensioner gained in exchange the infinite joy of faith and, she is visited, periodically, by that creature, who presented himself as being “Saint Angel of Light, Faith and Crown”.
Despite the fact that the Romanian Orthodox Church looks distrustfully such disclosures and approve them very rarely from the dogmatic point of view, Georgeta Florea states that she travel in space and time, being “spirit away”, alike the first Christians in olden times….
Since she discovered “Haven of Donations” and saw “Celestial Map of Romania”, the pensioner knows that she is not mislead by an impostor spirit, because she did not cause ever to anybody, any harm! up   



On the 22nd of February, 1937 was born, in a poor family in Oltenia, the human being who today is twice a grandmother. In the year 1966 she settled in Bucharest, following the marriage with Gheorghe Florea. Her parents, grand-pa and grand-ma were very faithful people; despite this fact, the young Georgeta did not believe in Jesus Christ, only in GOD, the Celestial Father. In the year 1984, the woman gets sick of a serious disease, considered almost incurable. The missing rib at birth (different of the biblical Eve) started to grow late during the life, in a wrong way, penetrating the spinal marrow…The process was considered irreversible and the end was foreseen to be paralysis and death! After two years of suffering, Georgeta Florea succeeded to travel as a pilgrim to Jerusalem, where spent  the New Year together with a Romanian family. During the visit of the Holy Places she felt, for the first time, astonished and overwhelmed. In the church St. Georges in Jerusalem embraces the gravestone of the Saviour and implores HIM (not trusted in him before), desperately: “God, if you exist, cure me or take my life!” Three days later, the sufferings of Georgeta Florea ceased totally.
Next year, the woman performs a new pilgrimage, helped by the same Romanian family. “Already I started to have a premonition, to understand….” With the occasion of the third pilgrimage, when she started to be hard of hearing with the right ear, she rubbed this ear with holy oil, near by the tomb of Jesus and suddenly started to hear again! In the year 1989, during the revolution of December, she succeeded to see the tears of the icon of Marry the Virgin in Jerusalem, though she knew that few people has the gift to see the Holy Tears…..up   



 After 7 pilgrimages at Jerusalem, that woman who has not yet became the poor pensioner of today’s, started to understand the saying of Saint John Scararul – “That who travel in ceaseless crying”.
But, changes in Romania after the 1989 revolution put other temptation threshold to the woman who has not finished yet the thorny road. Together with her husband, Georgeta Florea borrowed one million ROL (lei) from a bank, for which put as guarantee all they had in the house, including the mattresses. They used this money for opening a food shop and a pastry shop in Bucharest. The women tells now: “I was well known in the district, because, in the morning, the first 10 clients who was entering our shop were gifted with food in equivalent of 500 ROL (lei), but this happened in 1991, when the national currency was still strong and the inflation was low!”
Prosperity, even wealth, entered again in the house of the family Florea, but – for proving to her the vanity of this world – GOD takes her husband, Gheorghe Florea, in the year 1992, to the eternal life.
This separation was not enough for that human being, who was in the preparation process, without knowing, of becoming a servant of GOD.
One year later, in 1993, despite the fact that she was rich sufficiently, the widow Georgeta Florea, deposits 7 million ROL (lei) to a pyramidal game “Caritas”, hoping to give all money she will gain for the restoration of the Monastery Vacaresti. But, the rich widow lost all money! Only then came the moment of truth. up   



During the period 1993-1994, Georgeta Florea sold all properties she had (except the two apartments where live, today, her daughter – divorced, together with two children – and the pensioner herself) and then, she goes in the native village and decides, together with the Parochial Council, the restoration, almost from foundation, of the church “St. Peter and Paul”.
The church is rebuilt from the bottom to the roof, including the wood and painting, plus chairs and carpets.
When the work was finished, at 10.02.1995, Georgeta Florea had no money left,
One year later, at the same date 10.02.1996, takes place the dedication of the church. At the entrance, in pronaos, are painted the portraits of the couple Florea, together with the old founders. The widow insisted to paint and her husband, because they worked together for the money donated for restoration of the church.
Precisely one year later, when the income of Georgeta Florea was insufficient for the daily living, on 10.02.1997, is opened, for the first time the skies… At 4 o’clock in the morning, waked-up from her beauty sleep, the woman hears a voice which tells her: “It is time to judge your sins and good deeds!” The human being, who never cheated her husband and never stole anything, closed, scared, her eyes, but in that moment discovered that she can see only lights…
In that moment, it is started the first divine level of Georgeta Florea! “You gained a wonder!”

During four days and three nights running, she were not sleeping, she were staying in bad and has been talking to GOD.
During this period she had the vision of all her existence, which was judged by the divine voice, step by step. Everything was alike a “private judgment” what happens in the moment of death, as stated many contemporary experiences.
But, Georgeta Florea “was dying” for her past life, in order to revive, forgiven, to a new daily existence!
At the end of this first unbelievable experience, the unseen GOD but omnipresent, whispered in the cured ear: “You gained a wonder!” 
Such mystical meetings continued all year long, but – at one time – showed his appearance “Saint Angel of Light, Faith and Crown”. The dialogues can happen at any hours of the day and night.
Georgeta Florea was admonished with gentleness and love, because she did not believe from the beginning, or, was “spirit away”, as Saul on Damasc’s road, two thousand years ago.
In these astral travels (she were not knowing what happens with her body) the widow take knowledge about the scary secrets, which can not be seen by any human being.
So, she learnt that, in 1997 started on Earth an unseen Christian War, called “Sifting”, which will last around 25 years. During this period, people will be put on attempt and tempting, in order to be sifted by GOD. Georgeta Florea saw two sieves: in the first there were the believers and, in the second, the people lost. That people, who went through the two sieves, were dropped in Hell.
Georgeta Florea could see, astonished, a planetary war, in which half of America and a part of the Western Europe will be destroyed.
She arrived in “Heaven of Donations”, a kind of waiting-room of the Heaven, where the souls are judged after death and, where the good deed can rescue somebody from a sin.
An impressive vision is that called “Celestial Map of Romania”, in which Georgeta Florea could see, astonished, how the precious stones flow in the river Crisul Alb in Romania or could see a fire – pear shape, above the county Maramures, Romania. She was told that Basarabia, together with Romania, shall have a border with Turkey and, at Intorsura Buzaului, Romania, is buried a great treasure, while Bucharest will become “Centre of Faith”.
Also, she learnt that the zodiacal signs have a difference of 12 days and, therefore, the human calculations would be wrong!
Till today, only once Georgeta Florea asked a question:
“Why am I chosen?” up



Her Astral Guide confirmed that she has the mission to write, under the power inspired by the spirit, some books, which include a fundamental Christ message, concerning the salvation of the Christian souls. Consequently, “Saint Angel of Light, Faith and Crown” started to dictate to the woman, almost daily, word by word. So, mechanically, Georgeta Florea wrote the following books: ETERNAL LIFE OF THE ANGEL MICHAEL, VISIONS AND FIGHTING AGAINST WITCHCRAFT, ANGEL’S POWER AND DREAM’S EXPLANATION, STEPS OF JESUS, TRUTH’S KEY, ZODIACAL SIGNS AND PRIEST’S JUDGE, APOCALIPSE, GOSPEL OF LOVE, ROMANIA TOMORROW, COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE ANGEL FLOREA vol. I, ROMANIAN CUSTOMS, COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE ANGEL FLOREA vol. II, PLANET OF LIGHT.
The woman fulfilled, also, the mission to establish The Christian Orthodox Charity Association “St. Georges” (having as purpose, the helping of churches and of the Romanian Christian Monuments) and the publishing house “St. Georges”, in order to publish all texts communicated, but she was warned of her clause in the sky, that, no matter how poor she is, if she takes some money, obtained from these activities, she will be serious punished.

Georgeta Florea assumed eagerly all these missions till sacrifice, despite the fact that she has insufficient money for food, for every day.
She does not know how she will succeed to fulfill everything, but she is sure that the eternal GOD will help her, as happened till now. It is because the humble and anonymous St. Paraschiva in Bucharest of this beginning of  Century and Millenium understood that the right to a wonder is gained once in life and it is kept with infinite sacrifices…… up


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