Heavenly Communications


Georgeta Florea




Human being, Georgeta Florea, went, within 90 days, through seven divine levels. The duration of the first divine level started from Friday in the morning, at hours 4.30 a.m., till Monday, at hours 11.30 a.m., i.e. four days and three nights. Then, the divine levels decreased in duration, getting at the second Easter’s day to six hours.

This human being could see the Heaven, the Hell and Donations Heaven.

Further more, she saw how is judged the soul of a human being, who left the material body, the body remained without life being buried.

Following the last day of judgment of her soul, she obtained from GOD and from God’s SON, Jesus Christ, extra-sensorial powers and the power to communicate with Her Entity - Angel of Light, Faith and Crown– the Leader of the Angel Suite from the Family of the Descent 25 in the Heaven and the Sky Kingdom.

She can make these communications at any hours of the day and night and,   Angel of Light, Faith and Crown dictates texts to her from the unseen eternal life.

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